ATAB has its own implementation division: ATAB Contracting. Atab Contracting operates from a number of offices spread across the country and is specialised in providing advice on insulation and roof covering, and its implementation, in very diverse applications, including flat roofs, green roofs, parking decks, balconies and terraces, as well as works of art in civil engineering.

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Atab Contracting handles the complete range of roofing systems & products: bituminous roofing sheets, synthetic PVC and TPE roofing sheets, EPDM, Resitrix and liquid resins. Each application always requires a specific solution, depending on the building, the environmental factors and the specific requirements of the client or user.

Thanks to this comprehensive offer, Atab Contracting is the ideal interlocutor for all waterproofing projects. Atab Contracting is a leader in the area of technically complex or delicate work, and focuses on larger projects with major industrial companies and the government.
Atab Contracting is VCA-certified and, as a result, provides guarantees for the safety management system during the implementation of the work.